Not Quite White '18
Sat 4 & Sun 5 August, 2018

Put simply, NOT QUITE WHITE is the biggest thing we've attempted.

During an interactive* two-day tasting event in Adelaide, we'll be opening Australia’s largest collection of orange, amber and skin-contact white wines. We received nearly 50 entries!

Chateau Apollo, Adelaide
Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 August

For a more thorough introduction, click here.

*Please note: you must have a smartphone to participate in Not Quite White

Pursuit Of Yum™

We believe all palates are equal in the Pursuit Of Yum. So, with the help of our friends at Lightbulb Digital we've gone and developed a web app just to prove it. We think orange wine is absolutely delicious, but we want to know what you think.

Using your smartphone and a digital token system, you will taste and respond to each wine you experience at Not Quite White. It's a bit like 'wine tinder', except you get to try the goods before you swipe left or right.

Upon entry, we'll help you log into Pursuit Of Yum. With each 30mL pour you receive, you sniff, swirl and sip, then sip again! Using a sliding scale of 'yum', you can tell us how the wine made you feel. Then you do it again. And again. And again.

The Producers
We landed the biggest names in the country plus a bunch we've never tried:

Alpha Box & Dice, Architects Of Wine, Arfion, Between Five Bells, BK Wines, Born & Raised, Brash Higgins, Brave New Wine, Cape Jaffa, Castagna, CSU, Deliquente, Dormilona, Express Winemakers, Fall From Grace, Frederick Stevenson, Freehand, Garargiste, Gestalt, Kalleske, Krinklewood, La Violetta, Live Wire, Moonlit Forest, Old Mate Wine, Ravensworth, Sherrah, Sigurd, Skigh, Smallfry, Swan Valley Wines, Tom Shobbrook, Unico Zelo, Vinden Estate, Whistler Wines, Year Wines and Yelland & Papps.

We'll be sending ticket-holders detailed info on each of the wines being poured, but in the meanwhile...

Wanna try some before the event?
We're thrilled to announce the following Adelaide venues have partnered with us to pour wines from the following producers leading up to Not Quite White. Drop it for an odd-coloured splash!

Bar Torino
Live Wire (VIC) & Sigurd (SA)
Bistro Blackwood
Architects Of Wine (SA) & Cape Jaffa (SA)
Cry Baby
Brave New Wine (WA) & Freehand (WA)
Gondola Gondola
Moonlit Forest (VIC) & Old Mate Wine (SA)
Peel St Restaurant
Kalleske (SA) & Whistler (SA)
Pink Moon Saloon
La Violetta (WA) & Smallfry (SA)
Frederick Stevenson (SA) & Ravensworth (ACT)
Sunny's Pizza
Delinquente (SA) & Ravensworth (ACT)
Arfion (VIC) & Shiny Wine (TAS)

A Georgian Showcase

Making wine and the cultivation of grapes for its production dates back 8000 years. As an ancient craft its earliest traces were found in Georgia, a country located in the crossroads between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The Georgians called it 'amber wine' and still make it the same way today.

We've invited Tim Stock of Vinous Imports to pour a complimentary selection of six, ultra-rare Georgian amber wines to initiate your experience. The Georgian Showcase will be pouring from 1:00–2:00pm on both days at Not Quite White.

"All the wines are fermented and aged in qvevri, the traditional Georgian earthenware vessel whose name in Georgian means simply “beneath the earth”.

Read more here.

The Food
We've added a crucial element to proceedings. For an elevated wine experience we needed an equally elevated food concept—Motherlode Nuggeteria. It's been established that fried chicken and orange wine go together like Bey and Jay (a 'perfect match' for those playing from home). For the more plant-friendly eaters amongst us, don't worry, we've got you covered too.

Take a peep here.

The Beers
You've gotta break it up with a cleansing ale. We know this. You know this. Our host venue, Chateau Apollo. will be offering up a selection of tinnies from Young Henry's, Pirate Life and Sparkke.

Sadly, due to stock and venue comfort levels, only 150 tickets were made available each day and we sold over 60 in the first hour of releasing online sales last week.

Saturday Pass or Sunday Pass $35
includes entry, a TFP x Plumm glass (to take home with you) + your first 5 Taste Tokens
Two-Day Pass $60
includes entry, a TFP x Plumm glass (to take home and return with on Sunday) + 10 Taste Tokens
Additional glasses (seen above) will be available for $20.
Please take care of yours!

Taste Tokens

To monitor every response during Not Quite White, each Taste Token unlocks a 30mL pour via the Pursuit Of Yum web app on your smartphone. We encourage you to taste and respond to as many wines as you like, but please do so responsibly.

5 Taste Tokens = 5 x 30mL pours
(equivalent to 1 glass of wine)

Taste Tokens
available for purchase throughout the event
$10 for 5 Taste Tokens
$20 for 10 Taste Tokens


Sunday 5th of August, 6:00pm
As the event closes our wonderful host, Liinaa Berry, will announce the Top 10 Wines of Not Quite White.

The tasting will conclude at 5:00pm on Sunday so we can tally your responses.
We ask that you hang back, enjoy a bottle of wine until the closing ceremony begins at 6:00pm.

The NQW '18 Trophy crafted by Mark Heidenreich of Terravilla Ceramics, along with other demonstrations of his work, will be on display during the course of the event.

Read more about Mark Heidenreich: The winemaker's potter here.

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See you at Not Quite White!