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The Maker & Me 2021
Tuesdays 6—8PM [La Buvette Drinkery, ADL]  

The Maker & Me will continue through winter 2021 at our beloved La Buvette Drinkery, on Gresham Street, Adelaide. Enjoy two hours of tales with the...

Fridays 6–8PM [The Olivia Hotel, ADL]  

Every Friday night 'til the end of August, we'll be huddled by the fireplace to enjoy tastings with the winemaker themselves, served with plenty of...

Wine Playground ADL 2021
Sunday 3 October [Good Gilbert, ADL]  

It's playtime, Adelaide. One big carpark. Eighteen winemakers. Two importers. Over 50 wines. Open Air Forums with Katie Spain. Music by DJ Mehdi. S...