A Breezy Excursion
Margaret River, WA // May, 2018

“It’s the fresh air,” said Timmy.

A sense of calm had filled the cabin. Beyond the usual relief of pressure felt when arriving at a holiday destination, there was a sense of peace and mindfulness. A ‘forget the world and smile’ kind of feel. No wonder our friends here always seem so laid back, so passive and easy-going. Dylan and Taryn have always emanated a kindness that would change your day. It started to make sense. Any settlement laden with stunning beaches, swells and inherently high calibre fruit, couldn’t possibly afford its humans anything shy of pure bliss.

It’s established that wine, if it’s made authentically to express it’s true self, will taste, smell and even feel like the place it comes from. Nuances, temperaments and life itself, trapped in a bottle. Surely the energy of a region as distinct as Margaret River not only breezes through every person, truck and doggo in tow, but every consumable crafted within its reaches. Aptly, Margaret River is adorned with beautiful names, gifted by our First Nations people, that end in ‘up’, meaning ‘place of’. As a place, regardless of expectation, of your knowledge of wine or ability to paddle, Margs is the place of one very breezy excursion. 

We arrived in Perth in early May with a dozen of South Australia’s friendliest, most relevant winemakers. We crossed the border acknowledging a parallel once shared that’s evidently now dissolved. Wine, in both our states, remained stagnant in its breadth of appreciation. We only drank our own and for good reason—we both make incredibly good booze. Parochial attitudes were justified, but our collective palates now look for a bit more.

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