A Photo Recap

Photography by Ania Smelskaya
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Thank you, London!

We had an immense day at FRESH BLOOD 2. It was our second crack at ol' London town: a showcase of burgeoning talents and 'tasty new drops' from back home. We managed to rally most of the winemakers responsible, who after setting sail from a much sunnier isle, treated a curious crowd to many a sip and swill of unseen and newly-released wines from their luggage.

It was refreshing to see East London rise with such enthusiasm on a Sunday, as they spilled into all corners of Sager + Wilde's famed restaurant on Paradise Row. A few brightened heads suggested our guests had brought the weather with them, when two solid weeks of soggy British weather was suddenly broken by clear blue skies and many a cherry disposition. 

Huge love to Al from KONPIRA MARU for making the call and rolling through triumphantly, beers in tow. To the CRE boys Jonjo and Oli, hats off for taking such a huge leap so early in the game—it's only uphill from here, lads. Big thanks to Angus the 'VINDEN HEADCASE', for putting on a tireless show, and to Ray from BETWEEN FIVE BELLS for keeping the crowd so dialled-in.

To Lisanna, Desiree, Helena and Daniel, thanks for stepping in on your Sunday to join in the fun. To Tyler, for smuggling and sharing such beloved goods. To Ania, for capturing the moment. Finally, to Lorenzo and the Sager + Wilde family, thanks for your support—that was huge.

Now onto the next thing, London.
It's only a few weeks away.