Sunday 19 January, 2020 [Hellbound, Adelaide]

On Sunday 19th of January, The Fruitful Pursuit will be gracing Hellbound in Adelaide's East End for an intimate 'suitcase showcase', featuring wines made by the young organic growers leading the renaissance of Malbec's true native home.

An exert from the press release for our recent FRESH BLOOD // FUTURE MALBEC event in London:

Malbec’s name has become muddied in recent years. The pools of homogenous, knee-height grabs at your local Off License may be part of the problem. As a grape of such easily procured depth in flavour and colour, it’s no wonder it’s become such a hero in the 'bulk world' of wine production. Argentina has boastfully carried Malbec’s flag for many years, making immensely rich and powerful fruit bombs that require equally extreme amounts of new oak; up there with the greatest ‘Dad palate’ trophies the world has seen. In Cahors, France, its place of origin, it has historically suffered a worse fate: being over-yielded and over-extracted to ‘get more from less’, often resulting in hardened, tannic wines that are void of life or finesse.

Our upcoming FRESH BLOOD event at Leroy showcases a startling breakthrough for this generous purple grape. A handful of energised young vigneron in Cahors, where its journey began centuries ago, are exacting a brilliant new scope of expression for Malbec. It’s all about freshness: allowing the ancient mineral delicacies found in its native soils to shine brightly through the lens of organic and biodynamic farming. While innovative and progressive techniques play a huge hand, these wines are made without any additions or the use of sulphur, and the rest, with the most minimal intervention possible. As with any uprising there’s a solid degree of irreverence here—you have to break rules to change history. In this instance, charmingly, these vigneron share in the pursuit of dismantling misconceptions and furthering their region, collectively.

Now to Adelaide:
Together with guests Bob Colman (FRANKLY, WINES BY BOB) and Alastair Reed (KONPIRA MARU) we'll examine the wines of CLOS TROTELIGOTTE, JÉRÉMIE ILLOUZ and FABIEN JOUVES, along with a fully illustrated history of the region dating back to Roman plantings in 50BC.

Chef Hannah Jeffery (Peel Street) has prepared a scrumptious menu of snacks inspired by the Basque Country and Southwestern France to accompany the experience.

Sadly (due to baggage restrictions) only 27 tickets are available.


The Fruitful Pursuit x Hellbound
Sunday 19th of January, 2020
Hellbound Wine Bar
Basement / 201 Rundle Street
Adelaide SA 5000

*A 'welcome pour' will be served at 3:00pm sharp, followed by a seated presentation of 14 wines with accompanying snacks.