Wine Playground BNE '19
A Photo Recap

Photography by Lewis Lotherington
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Brisbane, you are bloody beautiful!

As seems to be the customary response from Queensland's thirsty capital, our return to Brisneyland for Wine Playground 2019 was a rollicking good time. Hosted in dual-action fashion by the Happy Boy/Snack Man family on the northern edge of Fortitude Valley, a selection of winemakers representing every growing state in Australia gathered to pour up their latest handiwork.

Take a look at the lineup here.

Our emcee, Ella Stening, chewed through a series of hearty Open Air Forums with a small crowd of open minds throughout the afternoon. It's always tricky getting tasters engaged when there's so much quality booze and banter already flowing—but we really love these sessions—they're perhaps the important part of The Fruitful Pursuit experience. Thanks, Ella, and thanks to those who got involved.

As daylight began to fade and Snack Man's snacks begun to fly, we announced the winner of Wine Playground BNE 19's Absolute Favourite Wine in Show, as voted by the people in attendance. The Mysterious Mr Black wholly stole Brisbane's hearts and palates on the day, claiming all three positions, with his 2018 'Pareidolia' Sangiovese taking the trophy—that's some solid work, Charlie!

Hats off to our hosts, Happy Boy. Huge love and thanks to our Brisbane Crew: the wonderful souls who helped us pull the occasion together, once again. To Plumm for your stemless (and bottomless) support—thank you so much. Finally, to those who flew (or drove) up to pour on the day, thanks for sharing your tremendous energy.

See you next year, Brisbane!