Sunday 6 February [LOC Bottle Bar, ADL]

LOC presents a (sit-down) launch of tasty new things.

Introducing Sí Papi, a fiery Peruvian street food pop-up, alongside Australia's first-ever release of A Thousand Gods wines, made by a smart new 'zero-zero' duo in New Zealand.

LOC presents
Sunday 6 February
2PM + 4PM
LOC Bottle Bar
6 Hindmarsh Square
Tarntanya 5000

👉🏼 This is a spaciously seated, outdoor event
👉🏼 There are 33 seats, only
👉🏼 Please book in groups, or advise us if you wish to be seated together with others

A bit of back story

Rodrigo's Dad, Alvaro, and James' mother, Clarisa, are the eldest boy and eldest girl in a family of seven children, who first immigrated from Peru in November, 1969. While some of the children returned home, most raised their families in different parts of Australia, with the majority now residing here in Adelaide.

'Tio' Alvaro, a true bastion of the culture, always clung dearly to our culinary traditions (not just drinking Pisco) so when young Rodrigo came of age, he passed these practices on.

While clearly quite tongue-in-check, Sí Papi is an homage to Alvaro, his fiery passion, and his relentless desire to uphold these traditions to keep our family bond as strong as ever.


Our signature dish, 'anticuchos', originated in the pre-Colombian era. While the ancient Incas seasoned their llama meat with herbs, the Spanish settlers were also known to marinate their beef in red wine. The tradition that emerged embraced the least-wanted cuts of meat ('anticuchos' literally means 'anti cuts' in Quechuan, Peru's native language) that are marinated overnight, then chargrilled over hot coals. In our family, we grew up eating anticuchos made with pieces of ox heart. Though delectable, from prior experience we've found this ingredient to be confronting to some, so we reworked our menu accordingly.

For the Sí Papi experience: we have 'Skippy Sticks', made with kangaroo fillet and prepared in the traditional way, as an ideal and more sustainable alternative

For the adventurous: we'll have serves of the 'Real Deal' available, made with ox heart, prepared in the traditional way

For the vegetarians and vegans: we have succulent 'Hongo Sticks' with swiss browns + capsicum, prepared with the same 24hr (vegan) marinade

A Thousand Gods

Put simply, these are the most expressive and scintillating natural wines we've encountered from Aotearoa. We're so honoured to be sharing them with LOC's Adelaide community.

"After spending a decade making wine in the Cahors region of South-West France, as well as collectively working 40+ vintages across nine different countries, Simon and Lauren returned to New Zealand to make wine under their own label ‘A Thousand Gods’.

Working closely with their Biodynamic grower in the Waihopai Valley of Marlborough, meticulously farmed grapes are hand-picked and undergo wild fermentation. No additions, fining or filtration processes are used. Instead, thoughtful guidance into becoming wines that are generous and approachable, yet also complex and cellar-worthy." —Caitlin Tiller



• 1 x serve of Sí Papi anticuchos
24hr marinated and chargrilled skewers
served with kipfler + salsa
• 2 x 75mL pours of A Thousand Gods wines

👉🏽  We will begin serving food at 2PM and 4PM, at the start of each two-hour session
👉🏽  More food + all LOC wines will be available for purchase
👉🏽  Please book in groups, or advise us if you wish to be seated together with others

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