High-Five Wines: Reds for Summer
December, 2020 [CityMag, Adelaide]

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Photography by Johnny Von Einem

In the grilling daze of a South Australian summer, red wine can still hold a perch.

The heat outside doesn’t yet have us huddling in air-conditioned cinemas to avoid excessive perspiration, but glasses around the city are already filling with more golden, frothy liquids.

The optimistic drinkers amongst us know that red wine can be an all-year-round kinda drink, but it requires careful selection: lighter, brighter and splashier styles.

To provide balance against the more brazen and syrupy reds likely to make an appearance at family gatherings during the holiday season (those which induce less-than-tactical naps), CityMag is here to offer some delicious counterprogramming.

Our high-five reds were not merely chosen for ‘crushability’, but selected to perk serious intrigue in you, dear reader, so as to keep eyebrows raised and chat lifted, and not weigh you down in the heat.

As for how best to enjoy the wines, these are light and juicy styles, yes, and as such, you may feel inclined to keep them chilled in the fridge.

A warning: take it easy. We’re going for subtlety here. The brilliance in each bottle will be lost if served below 12°C.

Give them 10 minutes in the salad crisper, and you’re good to go.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.

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